Get payd, not played.

Create simple escrow requests so you can stop chasing unpaid freelance contracts and simply get payd.

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Stop wasting your time.

Trying to enforce unpaid contracts can cost you serious valuable time. Stop the chase and get simply payd. Here's how it works.

Structure the payment.

Structure your payment terms and conditions in just a few clicks.

Get money on the table.

Have your client commit to the terms and show they're serious with money in escrow on day one.

Get payd.

Once you delivered the work and the client is happy, they get an invoice and you get payd.

Simple pricing.

And unlimited peace of mind.

Payd Payment
5% per transaction
  • Guaranteed funds
  • No hidden charges
  • Included payment processing
  • ACH transfers
  • 3rd party escrow
  • Dispute resolution

Get early access.

And stop risking thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money.